How to change the Meeting ID of String type in the window title?

Hello !
How do I change the title of the meeting window to a meeting ID of type string?

Hi chendb,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. If you are referring to the display string in the middle of the meeting window top bar, you could customize the string value in the resource file, and the corresponding key value is: Zoom Meeting ID: %@, but this will only change the string Zoom Meeting ID:, and the meeting number cannot be changed.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

When I use the zoom forum, I cannot log in properly. Imagine this, when I enter the account and log in, it will not jump to the forum page.

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Hi chendb,

Thanks for the reply. Are you facing issues when opening this devforum? Which page did you get to after the login? Could you have a try with a browser that has not logged in and see if it helps?