How to check if meeting has started/ended

HI, I am m new to API, actually it is my first time trying use it. I just can not get things work. My only need is to check meeting status(that I did not created): check if meeting started or ended every couple of minuets or so with a given meeting id…

I`m using python.

Thanks in advance,
hope to get any help

Hi @talhas
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and welcome to our community, I am happy to help here! If you did not create the meeting you won’t be able to call the API to get data about the meeting.
You can only get data related to your account.
Hope this helps,

Hi, thanks for the reply. So there is no way for me to detect if meeting has started without create the meeting by myself?

if I am a participant? is that can help?

@talhas That is correct.
You can not get data from a meeting that does not belong to you.
Even if you are a participant