Meeting status as completed

 Hi Team ,

I  need clarification regarding the status of meeting from REST API whether it is completed or started or ended .

I am calling Get Meeting Info .it is providing the status 0 -meeting not yet started and 1- meeting started.

But i am not getting the status as 2 at all even thouh meeting is completed/ended

Can you please help me on this query?






Filing a bug. Stay tuned.

hi all,

is there any update on this issue? I’m still only see 2 status (waiting, started) and don’t know how to make it “finished”.

Hi @ngoctl,

If you need to know the status of the meeting, it’s best to use webhooks, you can refer to our meeting started[1] and meeting end webhooks[2].

2 -

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Hi Mike,

Thanks for your help. However, when I “End Meeting” and call API “GET /meetings/{meetingId}”, it returns status “waiting”, why not 'finished"? If the meeting has status = finished, what will display at the last column (refer to below screenshot, currently it shows “Start”, “Delete”).

Hey @ngoctl,

It will return waiting if that meeting is a recurring or instant meeting.


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Hi Tommy,

I have a meeting (***********) that is not recurring or instant. I started the meeting and ended the meeting and the duration of the meeting passed but it is still showing up as “waiting”. What needs to be done so that the status changes to finished?

*This post has been edited to remove any meeting / webinar IDs

Hey @jessicaelee,

Looks like you were the only person in the meeting. Please try with at least two people in the meeting, because with only one person, Zoom does not treat this meeting as “Started” and “Ended”.


i had the same problem.
The meeting had 2 participants, was not recurring and it was scheduled. Starting time was at the scheduled time.
I quit the meeting for all participants.
The status is still “waiting”.
Also to end the status to “end” with a put-request did not work. Status is still “waiting”.

How can I end the meeting? I need the past participants. And that does only work if the meeting is “finished”.

Hey @Florentine,

What was your meetingUUID?