How to configure leaveUrl on Mobile SDK Ionic?

Is there any way to configure the leaveUrl with the 3 functions available over Zoom Ionic Mobile SDK as - startMeetingWithZAK, startMeeting and startInstantMeeting ?

The main intention is to update our database fields, which is only possible with some kind of webhook. We found that leaveUrl can solve the issue, but there is no documentation for how and where to pass the same when starting the meeting.

We are using NodeJS as Server-Side for creating a meeting.
The details we are using to create a meeting are :-

data: {
“topic”: topic,
“type”: 1,
“password”: password,
“agenda”: agenda

Please help!

Which version?
Ionic 5

Any updates on this ? Please help, someone.

@bibekbharatidas Hi there,

Just confirmed this with our engineers.

Our Android and iOS SDK do not have the configuration for leaveUrl so Ionic SDK does not support this as well


@Ojus, can you please suggest any measure, how to get an update that the host is leaving the meeting or the host is not available in the meeting. This is important because, for educational institutions, once the teacher leaves the meeting, the students stay behind and are continuing all unnecessary activities. So it is very important to manually end the meeting through an API once the teacher leaves the meeting. If no such measures are available for Android and IOS SDKs then I suggest, please take up this feature on top priority or else PLEASE SUPPLY AN OPTION TO HIDE THE LEAVE MEETING OPTION FOR THE HOST ONLY. ONLY END MEETING OPTION SHOULD BE AVAILABLE FOR THE HOST (A TEACHER IN OUR CASE) SO THAT WHEN THE HOST ENDS THE MEETING WHEN HE/SHE IS DONE, THE MEETING GETS END FOR ALL OTHER PARTICIPANTS (STUDENTS IN OUR CASE).

Please update me on this.