How to connect to Zoom room through video SDK

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Video SDK Type: web
Video SDK Version: 1.10.5

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In the pricing it says ability to connect to zoom rooms here with the zoom room cloud connector: Video SDK Universal Credit Plan

We cannot find out how to actually connect to a zoom room using the SDK. Where are the relevant docs to accomplish this?

@erik3 ,

Could you try calling this API to invite the Zoom Room via SIP or h323?

Where do I get the information about the zoom room to connect it using those methods?

Could you provide an example API request? We have tried this and have not been able to get a Zoom Room into a VideoSDK meeting.

@chunsiong.zoom Any updates on this?

@erik3 the zoom room should have an external IP address which is accessible from the public Internet.

@chunsiong.zoom thank you for the response, could you point me to some documentation on where to find that public IP for the zoom room?

@chunsiong.zoom Any updates on this we are still not able to successfully connect a zoom room to a Video SDK meeting.