How to create a user by ZOOM API with "autoCreate" action

when I request like this:
‘action’ => ‘autoCreate’,
‘user_info’ =>
array (
‘email’ => ‘’,
‘type’ => 1,
‘first_name’ => ‘’,
‘last_name’ => ‘’,
‘password’ => ‘123123’,

and got response :{“code”:300,“message”:“Validation Failed.”,“errors”:[{“field”:“user_info.password”,“message”:“Invalid field.”}

any ideas?

Hi @daimoon.hunter,

To use auto create do you have managed domain enabled? Also, have you tried to create a user using curl command or within postman to make sure the code isn’t interfering with the API call?


Hi Michael thanks for reply
I just approved managed domain in account profile.

and try with API tools

still not working

Hello @michael_p.zoom can you help me with this problem?
I really need this feature

Hi @daimoon.hunter,

The password has to have a minimum of 8 characters and maximum of 32 characters.

Let us know if that works.


Hello @michael_p.zoom
It works , thank you very much!
I didn’t notice the rules of the password,it’s my fault

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No worries, glad we can help you out!