How to create in-meeting Zoom App

Which SDK or app type do we need to allow “Zoom Apps” - as in building an in-meeting extension.

I saw the announcement of General Availability - but don’t see how to access it on the developer side.



Hi @samdoeswork,

Zoom Apps were launched for customer availability of a subset of apps, but GA for developers and availability of developer resources have not been released yet. We will be sharing updates soon!


Thanks Will. Can I apply to be on the non GA list ?

Same question.

This is the CEO of Crowdpurr and we’ve been trying to get in touch with Zoom about being a part of the initial set of apps for months (since mid 2020).

Crowdpurr is a major trivia application, currently ranked 3rd on G2 in audience engagement (above Kahoot!) used by Fortune 500, Global 100, major education, etc. etc. And they’re asking for a Zoom integration.

Could perhaps you PM me about getting access to this?

Hello! Is there any new information when it will be possible to add apps from the marketplace to Zoom Apps? Do we need Pre-approving for this integration? If so, how do you write an approval request?

Hi All,

GA will be coming to developers soon—please stay tuned to this page. You can subscribe for developer updates here as well.

Thank you,