How to create meeting by API and join meeting by Web SDK?

Hi there,

I have 2 websites, one is for teacher and the other is for students. In teacher site teacher will grant Zoom access then create meeting by API (POST Then in student site, I want to let students join the meeting by Web SDK (run embeded Zoom window in web page), is that possible? And what’s the intended solution?

To join meeting by Web SDK, I am referring to: But I always get no response when running " ZoomMtg.join()", just seems as blocked. I am sure I was using the right sign, and I found no console errors in browser. What was wrong and what should I do?


Hey @developer4,

Can you share your Web SDK code so I can debug?

Make sure you are including the preload web assembly functions:


Thanks Tommy!

We have got it working with the online demo (, so I guess that’s our code problem, we are checking more, will get back to you if we still can’t fix, thanks.

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Happy to hear you got it working! :slight_smile:

Yes please let us know if you run into any issues.


Hello @tommy,

I am trying to integrate the Web SDK of zoom to host and join meeting through our website. I can see that join meeting is working from web sdk if I provide the Meeting ID and Password generated from my Mac Zoom Application, but I am wondering how can I host the meeting through our website as well?

We want Host to Create the meeting and then start the meeting through our website only, is it possible?

We also want that Host to be considered from Application’s Account. We don’t want them to login to their Zoom Account out of the website and then Start the meeting. We want everything to happen in our website and from our Zoom account.

Hey @hemant,

Were you running into a specific issue? You can see our docs here about how to start a meeting with the Web SDK: