How to create meeting with out host login

HI Team,

I have a pro account ,
Shall i create meeting with out host login using web Apis??


Hi @devagoud.rangol
Can you please explain what you exactly mean by “WITHOUT HOST LOGIN” using web api’s.

However if you are searching for a way to create meeting calling API’s:

If you are wanting this to be server-to-server interaction (without any Web Sign In), you can use a JSON Web Token (JWT) infrastructure to do so. Instead of getting an “access_token” via OAuth 2.0, just create a JWT App at Click “JWT” and continue.
You will eventually get a JWT App Key & Secret. To generate a JWT in your preferred programming language you can use a Library. However to test out the feature, you can use
Modify the payload to:

  "iss": "API_KEY",
  "exp": "TIMESTAMP + 3600"


  base64UrlEncode(header) + "." +

Replace API_KEY & API_SECRET with the ones you just got.

On the other hand you may learn how to create & use a OAuth App at:

Being a developer and using PHP, I use a library from GitHub \Firebase\JWT\JWT.

A simple code is here below:


	require_once realpath(__DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php');
	use \Firebase\JWT\JWT;
	$secret = "YOUR API SECRET";
	$key = "YOUR API KEY";
	$token = array(
		"iss" => $key,
		"exp" => time() + 3600 // 60 seconds as suggested
	// Easy as I run from CLI.
	var_dump(JWT::encode( $token, $secret ));

An access token like string(147) "eyJ23XAiiiOKV2QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.euiYYMiOiJidzlnZXNMMFFheXF5RzAya0VMSDFBIiwiZXhwIjoxNjIxMzcwNDc5fQ.TictT3S9s8xbZt5894O2ywIZym9j23u7iqHZKj1dBw" like this is generated. THE ACCESS TOKEN HERE PROVIDED IS INCORRECT.

To test your API’s you can use:

As the ADMIN, you have all features to access. Please note host is a term used to signify an ADMINISTRATOR of a meeting. An Admin on the other hand is the one who has a license of Zoom. He/She can change features, which sub-accounts are bound to follow if any.

As the host you are limited to the meeting. As the admin you can even end a meeting, by calling an API with your access_tokens.

However, if you can provide a more explanatory question and evaluate the same, I will be happy to reflect on.

Till then please stay safe and happy Zooming!!
Anweshan (@anweshan)


User’s login with out host login any possible .or configuration while creating a meeting


Hey @devagoud.rangol,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Just to clarify, you want users to be able to join a meeting without the host, is that correct?

If so, please try enabling Join Before Host for the meeting.

This can be done with the Create a Meeting API too:


Let me know if that helps.


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