How to create user account silently?

I am building a social app, one feature is users can create video meeting and chat with each other. when a user sign-up my app, I want to generate a zoom account for that user. So she can use the app to create a zoom meeting so other users of my app can join.

I don’t want to ask user to link their current zoom account or have to verify email with zoom.

What’s the best way to do so?

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You probably don’t want to do this at all, because you’ll have to pay the bill for these users. If that’s okay, then you probably want to use your custom domain and then either use autoCreate (with Managed Domain enabled) or ssoCreate (with SSO login configured).

Thanks for the answer. Assuming billing is ok. so I need a server-side account app to autocreate and manage users.

On the mobile side, do I need to create a new jwt-app for mobile or should I use the same account app in the mobile side?

JWT credentials have global access, so I wouldn’t push that to mobile. If you need the mobile app to make changes to the Zoom meetings, then you either want to use OAuth (and individuals will be asked to grant specific capabilities) or use a server-side proxy (but then you need to hand authentication).

Hey @yangzju,

I would suggest to build an OAuth app, and use the OAuth flow to have users connect their existing Zoom accounts to your app. Then you can create meetings and other actions on their behalf.

Thanks for your suggestions as well @Jonathan_Champ! :slight_smile:


I agree with @tommy - that will be a much better experience for your users who already have Zoom accounts.

My original response was working from this requirement:

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Thanks again for your contributions to the Zoom Developer Community! :slight_smile: