How to create jwt token for client

I want to show client’s upcoming zoom meetings.

How do i generate Jwt token for a user using zoom api’s .

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Hi @yogesh.kumar,

Thanks for reaching out about this, and happy to help.

If you haven’t yet, you’ll first need to create a JWT app under your account following these steps.

Once you have a JWT app created under your account, you can follow these steps to retrieve the token to authenticate your API requests with:

  1. Navigate to the Zoom Marketplace while logged in to the account that is associated with your JWT app

  2. Once logged in, click on your JWT App from the Manage page

  3. From your App’s page, click on the App Credentials tab:

  4. Click on the View JWT Token dropdown

  5. Copy this token and use this to authenticate your API requests (auth type: “Bearer Token”)

Let me know if this helps!


Thanks for the replay @will.zoom .

Yes i have created JWT app and i can able to retrieve meeting details and upcoming meetings using Jwt token from api.

What i really need is if i have another person’s zoom user address and password how do i generate jwt token for them ?


Hi @yogesh.kumar,

To clarify, JWT apps and their credentials are tied to an account. A Zoom account can only have 1 JWT app, and this app will have admin level permissions—meaning that the JWT token you generate will be valid for accessing/managing data under any user on your account.

It’s not possible to create a JWT app under someone else’s Zoom account.

Let me know if this helps to clarify—thanks!

Thanks @will.zoom , now i get it. So i have to add user account from my existing zoom account using JWT token . if that’s right, how would i create User, by which api

Hi @yogesh.kumar,

That’s correct. To create a user, you can use this API endpoint:

Hope this helps!


Thanks a lot @will.zoom this helps :smile: .

Awesome, glad I could help @yogesh.kumar :slight_smile:


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