How to create Zoom Room meetings with a public app?

Hello! We have an OAuth Zoom app that is published in the marketplace. Our customers use it to seamlessly create Zoom meetings within our platform.

Many of our mutual customers have expressed a desire to use Zoom Rooms with our product, but the documentation says that the Zoom Room API can only be used with JWT auth:

Is that right? Because JWT apps cannot be published in the marketplace (source).

Is there any way to have our customers create Zoom Room meetings with our OAuth app? Or any way for this to work at all? Or are Zoom Rooms not supposed to work with third party applications?

We have tried using the standard Create Meeting API with Zoom Rooms, and I was able to create a test meeting this way - but when joining the meeting, we get an error 29, as described here:

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Hey @basic,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. What you linked in our Zoom Rooms CS-API that doesn’t follow a RESTful pattern.

If instead, you wanted to use OAuth, you may find our Zoom Rooms REST API to be useful. However, those APIs are just for managing rooms.

If you wanted to create a meeting for a Zoom Room, you can use the Create a Meeting API with the user that owns the Zoom Room.

For example, if you create a Zoom Room a user such as rooms_{ID} where ID is the ID of the room. You can use that email with the API to schedule a meeting for that room.


Thank you Max! I do have a question. You said that we can use the Create a Meeting API with the Zoom Room user as the host.

We’re doing that, and it works to create the meeting. But when someone joins the meeting, it often gives an error code 29: What does Error code: 29 mean? - #12 by asoto98

In that thread, we were advised that we could not use the OAuth API to create Zoom Room meetings, and we got the error 29 because we were using the wrong API. Has that changed? Because we are still getting error 29 when trying to join the meetings created this way.

So unfortunately after all this advice, we are back to the original method of creating Zoom Room meetings via the OAuth API, but with the original problem still intact (error code 29 upon join).

Thank you, and please let me know if I can provide any more information!

@MaxM I’m sorry for the double post but I didn’t realize I could mention you here, and wanted to make sure you had visibility on the question. Thank you!!!

Hey @basic,

Thank you for following up on this and my apologies for the delay. Recently, I spoke with our team about various ways of creating meetings on Zoom Rooms. Using the method of the Create a Meeting API was confirmed as a valid solution at that time. However, considering that you’re encountering the error, I would say what our engineering team advised about this being unsupported is still accurate.

I’ll work to clarify that with our team what is expected here. In the meantime, the other option that you have to schedule a meeting with a Zoom Room is to add an event to the calendar the room uses.

In other words, you should be able to create an event where the Zoom Room is the location on the Zoom Room calendar and see that a meeting for that time is created at the correct time.

Let me know if that helps.


Thank you @MaxM, I look forward to an update from the engineering team. Unfortunately the Google calendar schedule option won’t fully work for us, because many of our customers are not using Google.

But just to clarify, if we went this route, would we be using Google Calendar APIs to schedule onto the calendars linked with Zoom Rooms? Is there any way to programatically match Google Calendars to Zoom Rooms if we have API access to both platforms?

I found this article about how to do it manually, but not sure if it’s possible via the API:

Creating meetings like this does work for most of our users, so I’m wondering if this is caused by some kind of Zoom configuration issue: something with the Zoom Room’s plan, or the Room’s version, or something else related to their Zoom account.

I can get more information from these particular customers if it’s helpful. They also have a ticket open with their Zoom support rep.

Hey @basic,

Thank you for getting back to me on this. No word from our engineering team just yet but that’s interesting that you see it works in some instances. If you’re able to provide an example of a user and room that exhibit the issue as well as one that works as expected in your ticket that should help our Technical Support Teamt to troubleshoot the issue.


I replied in the other thread: What does Error code: 29 mean? - #14 by basic

This is resolved. We’re still using the same OAuth API create_meeting endpoint and it’s working. Something was wrong with the user’s Zoom Room or Zoom Account which caused the error code 29.

So I think everything is in order API-wise… but it might be helpful to add error code 29 to documentation somewhere (even internal Zoom Support documentation, support reps had not heard of this issue) once engineering identifies the real cause.

Hey @basic,

Thanks for getting back to me on this. I’m glad to hear that you have a path forward!

You’re right to identify a documentation gap here. I’ll work to gather information around this error and then engage our documentation team.


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