How to custom the conference UI


I would like to display the control buttons and the zoom conference screen in the same window.
Can I implement the application screen like the attached figure?

I am glad if you would reply.

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Yes. You can do that once you use the custom UI interfaces of the ZOOM SDK.

The following steps are the normal flow to use custom UI features:
a. call CreateCustomizedUIMgr() to create the UI manager
b. create a window which will contain the video contrainer created by step 3
c. create a video container by calling ICustomizedUIMgr::CreateVideoContainer()
d. create one or more video elements by calling IVideoRenderElement::CreateVideoElement()

For more details, please refer to the sdk demo.



Thank you for your reply and detail information.
I implemented the calling of CreateVideoContainer. It succeeded. Thank you so much.
ICustomizedUIMgr::CreateVideoContainer(<my application window handler>, <expected screen position>)

Additionally, I have a question.
I think that “Custom UI Feature” cannot be used in Zoom-Windows-Csharp-wrapper. Is it correct?


You are welcome!

Custom UI feature can be used in c# wrapper. Currently, you need to write the wrapper yourself.



I’m very sorry for my late reply.

I understood how to use Custom UI feature in C#.
I’ll try to implement the wrapper.

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