How to customize app icon on Windows


I am using zoom-electron-sdk for development. I want to modify the icon of the application. I found the following code in the Demo and tried it, but found that it has no effect.

Is it a problem with my picture resources or is it not actually supported Replace icon?



Thanks for the post. Did you call this method before SDK initialization or after? The resource customization needs to be done before SDK initialization, otherwise it will not have any affect.


Before SDK initialization!

Thanks for the reply. When did you download the Electron SDK? We have identified an issue that the Electron SDK was not able to customize resources on Windows right after the release and we fixed it right away. If you download the Electron SDK in between, you may run into this issue. Please have a try with the latest version of Electron SDK:


Hello, I have replaced the SDK with the latest (v4.6.15798.0403), but still cannot replace the app icon.

App title can be replaced!

Hi hejx,

Which app icon are you referring to? The icon shown in your code snippet is to replace the icon shown in the meeting window. If you would like to customize the app’s icon, you may need to customize it using the following:


It is the same as the Windows SDK, our Windows SDK demo has the exact implementation. Hope this helps. Thanks!