Add custom icon to toolbar

i am using sdk_demo_v2_2017…i tracked how other icons are added and tried to do the same and add custom icon to zoom…but any ui added or edited icon codes are not reflecting on customized ui screen>>
can you please help me how to do it

Any Reply please ? when i click on build i can see no changes applied on ui ;(

Hi f.abdulaziz,

Thanks for the post. Which icon and which toolbar are you referring to? What is the SDK version you are using?


The latest windows sdk…i am using 2017 demo sdk that i downloaded from zoom github…

Hi f.abdulaziz,

Thanks for the reply. If you are referring to the toolbar shown in the screen share, that one is not customizable. If you are referring to the icon in the window, you will need to set the icon and set the resource before SDK initialization.

Hope this helps. Thanks!