How to customize the size of the render videos of the participants

I am using the video and react SDK but when rendering the participant videos it overflows from the screen or edge

Hi @jesus.jgcc39 ,

Thanks for your question. When calling the .renderVideo function, are you passing in your desired dimensions as parameters? & if so, are those passed-in dimensions equal to or less than the dimensions of the canvas the videos are rendered onto? I’ve also attached an article that walks through what I’m describing. Please let me know if this proves helpful.


In local it works excellent, but when I do a deployment of the solution, The participant’s video is distorted


could you share a screenshot of your written code for this functionality (obscuring sensitive data, if any)?


Hey @jesus.jgcc39

Perhaps the major difference is the local sample enabled the Cross-Origin Isolation, but the production did not.


I did the configuration you mention but it doesn’t work

how to request a support session?

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