How to deal with expired refresh tokens in S2S OAuth

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We are exploring strategies to manage expired refresh tokens within the context of S2S OAuth.
What would be the recommended strategy for such ?

Additionally, is there a possibility of reducing the lifespan of refresh tokens for testing such workflow.

Hi @ayushpr
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
So the S2S Oauth tokens expire every hour and unfortunately, there is no way to change the expiration time, it is set to one hour by default.
As there is no limit on how many tokens you can request, I would suggest you to generate tokens per request, to make sure that they are not expired

Hei @elisa.zoom thanks for thé response .
A few more things

Is there a way to set a shorter limit for refresh tokens just to test out the expired refresh token workflow ?

Further is there any other recommended way to deal with expired refresh tokens in a long running server Oauth app ??

Hi @ayushpr
There is not a way to change the expiration time for refresh tokens or oauth tokens in general

Got it . Thanks @elisa.zoom

Also if we try to get a new access token are expired refresh tokens treated as just invalid tokens or is there a separate error state for that ?

if you get a new access token, the expired refresh tokens are treated as invalid yes @ayushpr
Everytime you generate a new access token, you will get a new refresh token in the response