OAuth Refresh Token usable after 90 days?

I have a multitenancy application that is set up with an OAuth Zoom App integration. OAuth integration goes well, and generally speaking the refresh token is changed out for a new access + refresh token. There are some scenarios where the refresh token may not be used/changed for more than 90 days and I see that that is the new expiration time on those (compared to the previous 15 years).

Is my only option for getting new tokens, to re-authenticate the application?

Furthermore, I was trying to identify what the error here looks like, or even the scenario. I assume it’s a 4XX error upon token refresh request, but can someone confirm or point me where the docs are for the error responses? I have seen error code “invalid_grant” but I am not sure if that’s it exactly. I only found this page for refreshing access tokens: OAuth for user authorized apps

@austin_rz You can set up a logic where it automatically get a new pair of access token, refresh token if not done within 90 days. If not, then the user will have to re-authenticate the app.

Hey Ojus, thanks for the reply. That seems like the most logical solution; setting up a daily job or something that just refreshes everyone’s tokens just in case. Thank you!

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