How to enable option to "Mirror Video" using Zoom Android SDK

I want to enable the option for the user to Mirror his video. In the Zoom app, I see this switch to enable/disable “Mirror my Video”. But I can’t find any option in the Zoom Android SDK.

Which Android Client SDK version?

This screenshot is from Zoom Android app.

Hi @anonymousedge03, thanks for the post.

Looking into this, the Mirror My Video setting was added to the client in v5.0.4, but does not appear to be present in the latest version of the SDK (based on v5.5.1). I don’t think you are overlooking anything. I would be happy to submit a feature request to have this functionality added.

In order to help us with prioritization, would you be interested in using this through the default UI, or programmatically through a toggleMirroring method?


@jon.lieblich I think the UX should be similar to the Zoom client app so that the users can choose to toggle the mirroring. So doing it using default UI would be better.

Hi @anonymousedge03,

I absolutely agree that the UX should be similar, if not identical, to the Zoom client. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the feedback!

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