How to End Meeting in zoom Setting

Hello, we can set duration and start time but meeting continues after duration, is there any way we can end the meeting automatically after the duration in zoom dashboard (in setting option)?

Hey @premium,

We do not have a setting to end a meeting after the meeting duration has been reached.

There are two possible work arounds:

  1. You can click the “End” button on the meeting list to end it.

  1. You can use the Update Meeting Status API endpoint to end the meeting.

(If you are using a Zoom Room this is automatically ending a meeting is possible)

Let me know if this helps!


calling update meeting status api giving this

“code”: 300,
“errors”: [
“field”: “action”,
“message”: “Invalid field.”
“message”: “Validation Failed.”

Not able to get the right response. Kindlly check it

Hi @premium,

Can you provide us the payload that you used to get this message?
Make sure within your body it has something similar below.

   "action": "end"