How to quit meeting when time exceeds duration

(We are ISV Partner)
Can we quit the meeting if meeting time exceeds duration limit by Zoom API?

For example, we want to set duration limit ‘40 minute’.
In this case, when zoom meeting lasted more than 40 minutes, the meeting should be quited.

It looks like zoom free plan.
When meeting lasted more than 40 minutes, the meeting was forced to quit.


please tag me in your response.

Are you on API plan, yet when you host a meeting, it will end automatically after 40 mins?

Do check that the host of the meeting has been assigned a license.


Hello? thank you for your reply.
We are ISV Partner which means we have API Plan.

And I received solution by other person.
it seems that there is not API solution to set the meeting time limit(duration).


@dev28 ,

For the REST API to create meeting, there is a duration field which you can see the duration of the meeting.


However, I know duration value doesn’t mean time limit of meeting.
for example, Although I set the duration field ‘40’ and meeting goes on over 40 minutes,
the meeting doesn’t quit.

I want to use function in zoom api that when meeting goes on over than ‘time limit’ preset, the meeting will be closed.


I understand. From our API, here’s what needs to be done.

Use the webhook for meeting.started event, implement a timer or microservice on your side which will call the end meeting API in 40 mins

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