How to end meeting with Zoom API

Hi, I am integrating Zoom in my React web application. I use Zoom API from my nodejs backend to create an instant meeting and it was very successful until I want to end the meeting. As the screenshots below, I’m putting the Zoom call in an iframe, which I want it to show in a Bootstrap Modal. Here comes the question: How to end the meeting and close the modal?

  1. Yes, I did a lot of research from the developer forum, I shall use Web SDK. But unfortunately, my web application is also using Bootstrap (Zoom itself as well) and my UI styling has messed up terribly. I have read a comment that I should host it on a separate isolated path or sub domain but for my case, I can’t do that.
  2. So, I decided to use Zoom API instead of Web SDK. I have a button for user to end meeting at the bottom (as screenshot shown). I can end the meeting (update meeting status) successfully and close the Bootstrap Modal too! BUT… what if the user click the “End” button from the Zoom controls toolbar? I can’t close the Bootstrap Modal and I will be redirected to the thank you page from Zoom. Is there any settings that I can hide the controls?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @yimeichuah,

Are you using the Zoom Web Client? If so, there’s not a way to hide the controls.

In regards to ending a meeting, you can make use of our Update Meeting Status endpoint:

This allows you to end the meeting through the API by updating its status to “end.”

If you need to end it after 1 hour, for example, you could also use of the Meeting Started Webhook/Event, and trigger that to call the above endpoint after the desired duration has passed.

Let me know if this helps!

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