How to end zoom meeting automatically?

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In my application there is a requirement to end meetings automatically after specified duration is passed. While creating a meeting I am passing meeting duration in the code. But still meetings are not ending automatically even when duration is passed.

I am using zoom rest api function for creating a meeting with below parameters:

function createAMeeting(){
$createAMeetingArray = array();
$createAMeetingArray[‘host_id’] = “Host ID”;
$createAMeetingArray[‘topic’] = “Meeting Topic”;
$createAMeetingArray[‘start_time’] = “Meeting Start Time”;
$createAMeetingArray[‘duration’] = “Meeting Duration”;
$createAMeetingArray[‘type’] = “8”;
return $this->sendRequest(‘meeting/create’, $createAMeetingArray);

Meeting type I am using is ‘8’ which is ‘Recurring Meeting with fixed time’ as per the documentation.


There is one zoom rest api function I have found to end a meeting:

function endAMeeting(){
    $endAMeetingArray = array();
    $endAMeetingArray[‘id’] = ‘Meeting ID’;
    $endAMeetingArray[‘host_id’] = ‘Host ID’;
    return $this->sendRequest(‘meeting/end’, $endAMeetingArray);

Above functions ends ongoing meeting if we pass ongoing meeting’s id and host id.

Now to end meetings automatically I can run cron job on server to get meeting & host ids from my database of ongoing meetings whose meeting duration is passed. And then I can execute above function with retrieved values. So it will automatically end ongoing meetings for me.

Is there any better way to end meetings than this (as I am not sure if this is a good way to achieve this)? As I will have to run cron job for this every minute to end meetings automatically on time.  



Duration is not a hard stop parameter, it’s used to determine end time for calendar invites. The endAMeeting function you created is the only way to end a meeting through the API 

This seems like it could easily be added as a feature to zoom. They already support hard stops of 40 minutes for non-paying accounts. Can we please add this? Our team needs it as well. It is a critical feature!

Hi All,

Thanks for the feedback! I will submit this to our roadmap suggestions but currently won’t be able to provide any timeline for this feature release. 



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Since “/meeting/end” is a deprecated V1 API call, has anyone had any success using its V2 replacement?


Even though I get the expected 204 return code, it seems to do nothing for me, i.e. one can still join the meeting and various V2 API calls complain that the meeting has not ended.

Thanks for any advice/help! 


Hi Stephen, 

We can continue the conversation about ending the meeting here 

Is there this funcionality already? It’s extremally important for classes!

Hey @ericluciano,

If you are looking for an end meeting API, you can use the Update Meeting Status endpoint.