End scheduled meeting automatically when meeting expired and no people in the meeting

Hi there,

I am using the API to create scheduled meetings. A behaviour I saw is that a meeting will never end/be deleted after it has expired (when scheduled time is in the past). Is there any way to automate this process so that a scheduled meeting will be ended/removed after it has expired and everyone left?

I’ve seen there is an endpoint to “end” a meeting - but is there any way to automate the process and let the zoom API do the job instead of me deciding when to do it from my side?

Hey @techcityventures,

If you wish for your meetings to end/expire after they’re completed, you might consider using instant meetings instead of scheduled meetings. These meetings are type: 1 when creating meetings via API.

Unlike scheduled meetings (type: 2), they will expire shortly after they’ve completed.

Let me know if this helps!

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