How to get all users data and Display All Participants views in collection view

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I am in a process of integrating Zoom iOS Client SDK in my application. Provided examples that are available in the document were not enough to understand the functionality to implement the custom UI with Gallery type view in iOS. Hence, Please help me with this. I want to display all participant’s videos like Gallery view (Collection View). Currently, I am able to display only Host video on the receiver’s device. But I am unable to display Participant video on the host device and also unable to display the self video.


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I am sorry our documentation for this feature was not sufficient. We are in the process of re-writing it. In the meantime, I can help to guide you through your implementation :slight_smile: However, the custom meeting UI does not support gallery view. To accomplish something similar you would need to iterate through the users in a meeting and create a video view for each one, then manually handle the arrangement.


Hi Michael,

Thanks for the response. Noted about the documentation.

I have created collection view controller to show all the participants video views.

I have created two Mobile RTC Video views and able to display the host video in participants device. But unable to display the participants video in host device. I have raised this query separately (Unable to show Participant video on Host device).

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Got it, will followup with you there.


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