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Hi everybody,

I’m following this and can get all the functions. I would like to know that is there anyway to show video from all Participants on the grid like the mobile app did. Thank you in advance.

Which version?
Latest version

Hey @ctsdev,

Currently gallery view is not supported on the Web SDK.

Stay updated here:


Thank you for your information @tommy

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Hi, @tommy!

Is it possible to do it (all Participants on the grid) with Zoom API? Or another platform SDK’s?

Happy to help @ctsdev! :slight_smile:


Hey @maxim.skvortsov, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Gallery view is supported by our Mobile and Desktop SDKs.



@tommy you said it’s supported by the mobile SDK. Can you elaborate how to switch view from active speaker to gallery view during a meeting. We struggle to find the method for iOS.

Hey @tmiskiew,

Please ask this in #mobile-sdk


Hi everybody, Do you have an update on the gallery view feature re. web SDK? I am still not able to find it when streaming thru the web

Hey @michael1234,

No updates yet on Gallery view for the Web SDK or Web Client. We are shooting for Q4, but that is subject to change. You can stay updated here:


Heyy tommy

since the gallery view is not supported by web sdk . if i host the meeting from windows sdk and if participants is using websdk to join the meeting then can i see the participants in gallery view in windows sdk

Hey @pavanschoovideos,

Yes, gallery view is supported in the Windows SDK.



Even in HOST view of web sdk, only Active speaker is been seen in the middle. How to show all the participants video on top bar like Zoom Mac App?

Hi @hemant,

At the moment, it’s not possible to view all the participants at the same time like you can in the Zoom app, regardless of whether the Host is speaking or another participant. The Web SDK will have this functionality in the near future.

You can keep up to date here on our updates: