How to get id meeting or joinUrl of personal meeting by alias

Hi there!
I get events with zoom meetings from google calendar api, and when there is event with personal meeting I get alias of personal meeting url (for example Launch Meeting - Zoom) which was saved in google calendar event settings. When I get same meeting from zoom api, I get meeting, its id, join url etc, but I don’t get its alias. How can I map personal meeting id or url and alias? Is there the easiest way to do this?

Hi @kate.shutova, you have the join URL inside the calendar event. Just get the meeting Id from it if the meeting is created with Auto/Random Meeting Id. And if the meeting is generated using the use_pmi (Personal Meeting Id) option then you need to get the meeting list from Zoom and then filter that specific event by start_time.

Here is how to get Meeting list using Zoom REST API.