How to get individual video recordings enabled on my account, who to speak to?

I want to enable individual video recordings for participants my my Video SDK session. I am confused about how to achieve this and have been blocked several times, and still unsure who to contact.

  1. The docs say:

" You can also record individual user video files. Contact Developer Support to enable()."

So I opened a ticket there requesting this, but they replied:

"Thank you for contacting Technical Support! Our Developer Advocacy team has moved over to our Zoom Developer Forums. In order to ensure that your inquiry is addressed, please navigate to the Zoom Developer Forums for assistance. "

  1. So I tried to register on dev forums (here). However on the same account I get the following error:

“You cannot authorize Zoom Developer Forum Log-in Helper”
" Unable to install this app because it needs additional enablement. Please contact Zoom App Marketplace support team for more details. Edit on Web Portal()"

I have had to sign in here with my personal account just to join the forum.

  1. So I try to contact Zoom App Marketplace support team using the link.

I am taken to a generic page which has nothing to do with this

  1. I google “Zoom App Marketplace support team”. The first link takes me back to my general account and I am going in circles…

  2. By this time I have forgotten what I was trying to do.

Question: Can someone help direct me to the right people to speak to to enable individual video recordings?

Also - can anyone advise whether this comes at additional cost and roughly what that cost might be?

Hi @brendan.hill ,

To enable recording, you’ll need to go to Sign In | Zoom, while logged into your Video SDK Zoom account. There, you can begin the process, with the sales team, to add recording onto your account.

There is an additional cost for recording. It is available as add on for $0.015/min.

Please let me know if this is a step you’ve already taken, or any other questions you may have with the process.