How to get into closed beta to develop Zoom Apps for market place?

We are expecting a detailed reply for questions. But everytime we are getting the same answer. The below link is where the reply was not at all accountable to the question asked.

Our organisation have a Paid Zoom plan yet we are no where to get details about the closed beta like how so many other companies have developed zoom apps for market place.

Please give us the basic information how one organisation can get into closed beta to develop Zoom Apps for marketplace.


Hi @rohith,

Thanks for following up on this, and I can definitely understand the desire to start working with Zoom Apps as soon as possible. The current beta for Zoom Apps is closed, however, can I kindly ask that you open up an inquiry with us here, with more details about your company and use case? While we can’t make any guarantees, we can pass your details along in case there is another round of beta ahead of GA.

Thank you,

Hi Will,
Somebody in Zoomtopia chat suggested this & I did this at that time but never heard anything back (no acknowledgment of any kind).

Should I do this again ?


Hi Sam,

Yes, please share some additional details about your use case and company with us directly, and we will be happy to help out however we can.

Thank you,

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