Closed Beta Timeline

We are expecting a detailed reply for questions however, we have not been able to see any answers.

Please give us the basic information how one organization can get into closed beta to develop Zoom Apps for marketplace?

If the beta is closed then what is specific timeline to enter the beta?


Hi @bugsoberoi ,

Yes beta is closed, but we have the GA launch, there will be more information on creating Zoom Apps :slight_smile:


Hi @gianni.zoom

Appreciate the reply. Can you please tell me when is the GA launch? (its been over a year without a timeline specificity)

Hi @bugsoberoi , I cannot disclose the exact date, but you’ll hear further details regarding it soon! Make sure you’re signed up for the developer updates :slight_smile:

Thanks @gianni.zoom

Can you confirm if it will be in 2022? if so, later half of the year or earlier?

This will help our team to start preparing expectation and planning.

@bugsoberoi it will be in 2022 coming shortly!

Thanks–how can I sign-up for developer updates?

Hi @bugsoberoi !!!
You can follow our Changelog here:

To stay up to date about our API changes and releases.

Thanks @elisa.zoom.

When will Zoom give out specific dates for the launch of GA?

A number of your customers have been waiting on it for over a year now

@elisa.zoom @gianni.zoom Waiting on my previous response?

Also, can you help us get access to the SDK documentation before the launch?

Hi @bugsoberoi
We do not have a date yet.
I understand how this is very valuable for you and your customers and as soon as we have more information we will make sure to share it with you all.

About the documentation, we do not have access to that either.