How to get meetingId from meetingUUID for all participants?

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I want to get the meetingId of the current meeting for all participants, not only for the host, preferably from meetingUUID. I can get meetingUUID since getMeetingUUID supports all roles. How can I get meetingId for all participants?

When I use getMeetingContext method of zoomSdk to get meetingId, I got a/an warning/error states that the method requires the host role.

Hi, @utku,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum! Based on your post, it seems you are looking to understand how to get the meetingId of the current meeting for all participants and you want to understand the reason “host role is required” error is returned when calling the getMeetingContext method of zoomSdk, is that accurate? If so, before diving in can you share more details on what you are looking to achieve?

Based on the methods you referenced, it is my understanding getMeetingContext should return the meetingID . See Example GetMeetingContextResponse here :

Generally, you would want to use the MeetingUUID to get the meetingID. Can you share at what point are you looking to get the MeetingID? Are you looking to get it during or after a meeting?

In the meantime, here is the List past meeting instances API, which returns a list of past meeting instances for your reference:

List past meeting instances

See get GetMeetingUUIDResponse:

Hi @donte.zoom,

Thanks for your response. I want to store some meeting data on Firebase’s Firestore database, then retrieve the data based on the meetingID of that meeting.

Since getMeetingUUID method is supported in all roles, I would like to use meetingUUID to get the meetingID. However, couldn’t find a method for this in Zoom Apps JS SDK reference.

After I posted this, changed the requests using meetingUUID, instead of meetingID. Even tough, I would like to know any solution to do it.

You raise a good point, the getMeetingContext function should be available for all users as that information is available by default as part of the meeting.

As of right now, it seems that you would want to use the getMeetingContext function as the host and pass the meetingID to participants through sockets or via your server backend.

I understand this is a clunky implementation so I pinged our team to see if we can make this function available for all users similar to the getMeetingUUID function.

We changed the backend implementation using meetingUUID instead of meetingID. However, this makes things harder, most of the Zoom requests/methods have the meetingID parameter, not the meetingUUID. So, getMeetingContext function would be available for all users, or Zoom SDKs should use the meetingUUID as parameter, instead of meetingID.

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If you have the UUID of a meeting, you should be able to use it with our RESTful API endpoints similar to a Meeting ID but instead, it refers to a specific instance of the meeting.

Is there are an API that you’re unable to use with the UUID?

For example, in Zoom API Reference, the meeting API requests have the parameter meetingId, not meetingUUID:

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