How can I obtain the Meeting ID for a Meeting UUID?

I am provided the Meeting UUID in the header of every request from my Zoom App just fine, and the User ID I can immediately make use of. However I have struggled to find a way of using the Meeting UUID to obtain information about a meeting while it is still in progress. All I could find was using a Dashboard API endpoint which could take both ID and UUID, but I’m unable to access that API.
I’m overtly interested to find the user and host’s email addresses to verify a relationship between the two.


Hi @pbowen , if you are unable to access the Dashboard API endpoint, please use the Get a Meeting endpoint with the query parameter type=live. Let me know if this meets your use case need!


This has worked perfectly, thank you!

The query (and the ability to use a Meeting UUID in this case) appears undocumented, by the way.

Hi @pbowen , happy it worked as you needed! And you’re totally right. This is undocumented so I’ve just gone ahead and made a request to update the docs. Thanks for catching that.

@gianni.zoom That API call (Get a Meeting endpoint) as well as the zoom apps SDK ‘getMeetingContext’ seem to only work for the meeting owner. Is that accurate?

Is it possible to get the meetingID (not UUID) for a meeting that any arbitrary participant has joined?

I would like to know the meetingID without being the owner of the meeting, as a participant. I can see that in the Zoom client via the invite link, but I am having trouble accessing it from within a running zoom app.

The only thing that seems to work so far is getMeetingUUID, which isn’t useful if the getMeeting API only works for the meeting owner.

Hi @KieranAC , that API endpoint will work for anyone who has scoped and role access to query the endpoint on the app’s account. Zoom Meeting API

The scopes are: meeting:read:admin and meeting:read

@gianni.zoom do regular users have those scopes for all meetings across the account by default? or, is the API permission limited similarly to the sdk – ie owners / hosts have meeting:read on their own meetings, but not other’s.

@kyle The meeting:read scope would be authorized by the user on installation of your Zoom App. Other than parsing the join URL from getMeetingJoinUrl it doesn’t look like there is a method to get just the UUID.

Have you tried posting in our Ideas Portal?

You mention parsing getMeetingJoinUrl as an option. However, it appears that is also restricted to the owner role and does not support participants or guests.
Is the meeting ID being protected for some reason? It just seems like such a simple thing to expose it for everyone in the meeting, regardless of role.


I wish I pressed on the same issue at the time - our Zoom App was put on ice, but now I’m facing the same issue. I can’t find a way to verify a meeting ID when a participant uses the App.