How to get past meeting participants - API is not working with Zoom One Pro LICENSED account

I am trying to get past meeting participants using the below API

END POINT -{meetingid}/participants

but I am getting the below response {
“code”: 3001,
“message”: “Meeting does not exist: {xxxxxxxxxxx}.”

Hi @tekditechnologies
thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community
Please make sure that you are passing a valid meeting ID, and that you have not deleted it. Also, make sure that the meeting was held.

Hi @elisa.zoom

I have provided a valid meeting ID, and the meeting has not been deleted, yet I am still receiving the same response.

@elisa.zoom I am also getting same response. Please provide the solution.

Hi @tekditechnologies @scan
Please share a meeting ID with me so I can take a look into this

Meeting ID - 868 7849 0322

I will send you a private message to follow up @scan

Just an update on this public thread, the fix to this issue was to get rid of the curly braces that were being passed in the request URL

END POINT -{meetingid}/participants

The meetingID should not contain “{ }”

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Noted, Thank you for support.

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