How to get started if I want in meeting UI app extension built for MAC?

I am getting started with an APP that I want to work as an extension inside the meeting UI the way a lot of apps from market place work. The documentation however seems confusing and no where clearly states which sdk I need. I am looking forward to following guidance .

  1. Which APP type I need
  2. In my app user will need to access the email of the other person in meeting what kind of API access I need ? Does SDK provide these things ? of I need to call API ?
  3. How can I get started with the app thats needed ? The marketplace sample starts with domain name setting and JWT setting , the JWT token doesnt work / app doesnt do any thing .

Which macOS Meeting SDK version?
Latest from marketplace

Device (please complete the following information):

  • MacBook Pro 13 inch retina 2020 model
  • OS: Big Sur

Hi @vdharankar, thanks for using the dev forum.

Are you asking about building a Zoom App? If so, you can sign up through here.


Thanks for revert , I know where to signup and I am asking about zoom app only my question is which app type I need if I want the app to run inside zoom client . Is it a web app ? Or a SDK native app ?

Hi @vdharankar,

The app which runs in the Zoom meeting UI is called a Zoom App. It is not an SDK app, so we cannot help with it in the SDK forum category. The link in my previous reply is how you would sign up to get started with it. :slightly_smiling_face: