How to get the meetings list for one room

This probably boils down to just ignorance on my part but I’m trying to understand how one retrieves the meeting list for just one room. I only have one Zoom Room trial license on my account and I’m concerned that the API retrieves meetings per user and not per room. I’ve tried searching for this and I’m guessing I’m missing some crucial info on how Zoom Rooms are set up per account.

Hi @njupchurch this is a great question and I’m looking into this further for you because it is undocumented. Hope to have helpful answers soon!


Okay I’m back after talking with some teammates @njupchurch :slight_smile:

Essentially Zoom Rooms are just users like any user on the account. Try using the Zoom Room ID as the userId with the Get List of Meetings API endpoint to query scheduled Zoom Room meetings:

I have not tested it yet, but it’s on my agenda. I won’t be mad if you beat me to it though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Otherwise you can get the list of LIVE || PAST meetings a Zoom Room has hosted via this endpoint:

Let me know how this works,

While the first suggestion technically works in that it attempts to list meetings for the fake user created by the Zoom Room, the API does not list any scheduled meetings on the calendar assigned to it, whether done directly through the Chrome extension or when invited from another Zoom account, though those meetings do show on the Zoom Room Touch UI/Controller.

The only way to get the API to list meetings for the room “user” is to open the user account directly through Zoom Admin > User Management > Users > [Zoom Room user] > Meetings > Schedule a Meeting. However, that meeting does not show up on the Zoom Touch UI/Controller.

How does the “Activation Code” work? That’s how the Zoom UI pairs itself with a room. Is there a way to use that to get the scheduled meetings?

I am adding on to this to make sure it’s clear what I am trying to accomplish.

My customer wants to deploy multiple Zoom Rooms in their building using Polycom codecs in Zoom Room mode. Unless I’ve missed something, this would normally be accomplished by having one admin account and purchasing multiple Zoom Room licenses, then setting up each Zoom Room with their own calendar, then pairing each Polycom with the Zoom room using the Activation Code.

My customer then wants our Crestron controller to check when a meeting is scheduled and then turn on the conference equipment (displays, microphones, etc) before the scheduled meeting starts.

How do I accomplish this?

Hey @njupchurch,

I would try using the list method from our Zoom Rooms RPC API. That should return a list of meetings for that room.

Let me know if that helps.


List only lists the rooms.

Hey @njupchurch,

Thanks for following up on this and confirming. As the room uses a calendar for the source of the meetings, would you be able to check the attached calendars to see the scheduled meetings?


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