How to - getting registrant answers on webinar signup question (custom fields)

Hi! I was wondering whether there is a way to pull participants answers on custom questions on a recurring webinar.

The above is our webinar registration form - I am looking for a way to get the phone number, as well as the yes/no answer to the two questions below.
When pulling webinar report (participants) I get the information:

And that is all of them. I was wondering whether I would be able to get them by individually checking each user ID, though that returns response 400 - bad request
“code”: 3079,
“message”: “This registrant does not exist: 100664320.”

Which Endpoint/s?


Have you tried querying our List Webinar Registrants endpoint?

This lists registrants and returns values for custom questions.

Let me know if this is what you’re looking for!


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Hey Will,
That is exactly what I was looking for - don’t know how I could overlook that :no_mouth:
Thank you very much!

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I do have a followup question though - when it comes to recurring webinars, it seems calling the endpoint
gets us the data on the last instance of the webinar. However calling - while it does return custom answers from the signup form - gives us a list of people who signed up for the next webinar instance, which has not happened yet. Is there a way to get registrants for a previous instance? I cannot call /registrants on the /report/webinars endpoint

Managed to find a way :slight_smile:
For anyone with a similar problem - I first called{mymeetingid}?show_previous_occurrences=true
and grabbed an ID of the occurrence, then called{mymeetingid}/registrants?occurrence_id={occurrenceid}
And that allowed me to get custom registrant answers.

Hey @JN-UMB,

Glad I could help—and glad you were able to resolve your other question as well. :slight_smile:


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