Data consistency between reports and Zoom API responses

The issue I am facing currently is getting information from Attendee reports and Registration reports through Zoom API calls.

As an example, I would like to use the following webinar ID: 853 4188 2020. In addition, I would like to focus more on the names, emails, and phone numbers of the registrants/attendees.

I will attach images and refer to them here. For [image 1] it shows the CSV file of that webinar’s registration report. In that image, we can see the name, email, phone number, etc. of each registrant. When I use the following Zoom API /v2/webinars/85341882020/registrants?page_size=300

I get the response shown in [image 2] which returns to me the key information I am looking for which is name, email, and phone number.

Next, we look at the Attendee report for the same webinar. In [image 3] we can find the same registrant shown in the previous images and the key information which I was looking for which are name, email, and phone number. Now, when I use the following Zoom API


I get the return shown in [image 4]. I get a name and a user email, but unfortunately, I get no phone number. Why is this? Is this a configuration setting?

I have been told in the past by previous Zoom representatives that I can use the id shown in [image 4] to connect to the registrant information in [image 2], but what we can see from [image 4] is that the id is blank and that is because according to the Zoom API documentation:

  • If the participant joins the meeting without logging in, the API returns an empty string value.

What can I do for a solution?

Below you will find a link to each image:
[image 1]: image 1 - Image on Pasteboard
[image 2]: image 2 - Image on Pasteboard

Because I am a new user I am only allowed to share 2 links here are the other two
[image 3]: image 3 - Image on Pasteboard
[image 4]: image 4 - Image on Pasteboard

Hi @gw_developer
Thanks for reaching out to us and welcome to our community!
Please allow me to look into this and I will come back to your with an update

Thank you Elisa I appreciate it

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Hey Elisa,
Has there been any update on this?

Hi @gw_developer
thanks for your patience
I was able to look into the information you shared with us and also I took a look at the screengrabs you sent.
And your assumption is correct, if the participant joins the meeting without logging in, the API returns an empty string value, this can not be changed and unfortunately there is not a work around for this.

So to be clear there is no solution for matching the registrant list [image 1] with the participant list [image 3] if the participant joins without signing in?

Hi @gw_developer
Correct, users have to be logged in to be able to generate the personal information in our reports