How to handle `recording.completed` webhook events with PMI and multiple meeting instance uuids

I’m looking for the best way for us to handle the recording.completed webhook events and find the matching meeting it belongs to in our database. We need to support multiple meeting instances (when a host begins and ends the meeting a couple times), and potentially also meetings using a PMI.

Which Endpoint/s?
Get Meeting, Get Past Meeting Details/Instances, and the recording.completed webhook

How To Reproduce (If applicable)

  1. Enable “Use Personal Meeting ID (PMI) when scheduling a meeting” on your account or sub-account, and users.
  2. Subscribe to the recording.completed webhook events.
  3. Create a meeting via the API and it responds with the new meeting info. Let’s say the id is 165655697 and the uuid is og9FrYRvSiGrqan27JLVkg== .
  4. As a meeting host, join and end the meeting a few times, and creating recordings each time.
  5. Receive the recording.completed webhook events that was subscribed to and attempt to match it with a meeting in our database.

Notice it uses meeting PID values when describing the recordings’ meeting, and have no way of knowing it is actually meeting id 165655697. Seems that we then need to get a list of all uuids associated to this meeting using the past meetings API, but would this be possible using the PMI, or perhaps some other method using the meeting uuid?

Hey @tfarmer.2u,

To accomplish this, have you tried matching the meeting id from the Meeting Ended Webhook payload with the meeting_id (actually the meetindUUID) from the Recording Comepleted Webhook payload?

The meeting id and recordings meeting_id should match and allow you to match the meeting with the recording in your database.

Let me know if this works! :slight_smile:


Ah, thanks for the tip! We have had no need up until now to subscribe to the Meeting Ended Webhook payload. As you pointed out, doing so will allow us to keep track of the actual meeting instance uuids that have occurred and therefore accurately match the recordings to these meeting instances.

However, I have another question then. How can we associate these meeting instances to our original scheduled meeting when using PMI’s?

When Personal Meting Id’s are being used, is the meeting_id value in the Meeting Ended Webhook payload the same as the meeting_id value provided in the Create A Meeting API response? If not (due to PMI’s overriding it) when I still have no way of associating the meeting instance uuids to the original scheduled meeting in our database.

We would like to allow our users to use PMI’s but are having difficulties doing so due to this complexity.

Thanks again for your assistance.

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Hey @tfarmer.2u, happy to help!

I have tried to accomplish this, but I ran into the same issue as you did. I am not sure if this is a bug, or maybe due to a PMI setting that can be easily changed to get the scheduled and ended meeting to associate. I have forwarded these details, and details of my own investigation to our team and we are looking into why this is happening. JIRA: ZOOM-120115

I will post here with updates once I hear back!

Thanks for your patience,

Hey @tfarmer.2u,

Unfortunately as of now there is no way to associate the scheduled PMI meeting and PMI meeting after it happens. To get around this, I would suggest to not use the PMI for scheduled meetings, and instead use a generated meeting ID.