How to hide "app accessing content" icon on Meeting UI

How to hide “app accessing content” icon on Meeting UI

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?

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  1. join meeting and see the top left

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  • Device: thinkpad
  • OS: win 10

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I have the same problem. What’s the solution?

Greetings and Welcome @jiedesheng0525 & @aaronxu33 ,
Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum. It is my understanding that you can not hide “app accessing content” icon on Meeting UI. As it informs users about Marketplace apps that have real-time access to content and user data shared during an ongoing meeting or a webinar. For more information, please see our support documentation below :

@donte.zoom Thanks for the reply.
I read the doc and find the answer of “How do I ture off…”,it looks the answer is NO.
kindly correct me if my understanding is wrong.

is it possible to close / hide the button on SDK UI?

Correct, you can not hide “app accessing content” icon on Meeting UI.

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