How to hide invite link in Title Bar (Top Bar)

The invite link has been shown in the title bar even after added opts.no_invite = true;

We have tried adding following options but no success. This was working fine in the previous release which we have used(5.7.******).

JoinMeetingOptions opts = new JoinMeetingOptions();
opts.meeting_views_options = MeetingViewsOptions.NO_TEXT_PASSWORD +
opts.no_invite = true;
opts.invite_options = InviteOptions.INVITE_DISABLE_ALL;

Which Android Meeting SDK version?



  • Device: Samsung (All the device same issue)
  • OS: Android 10,11 and 12 ( 5.0 and above )

Can you please update on this?

Have you found the solution ? If yes, please share it.

Found it! .
You can hide the url by doing so in the SDK initializeResult ZoomSDK.getInstance().getZoomUIService().hideMeetingInviteUrl(true);

    public void onZoomSDKInitializeResult(int errorCode, int internalErrorCode) {

        if (errorCode != ZoomError.ZOOM_ERROR_SUCCESS) {
            Toast.makeText(this, "Failed to initialize Zoom SDK. Error: " + errorCode + ", internalErrorCode=" + internalErrorCode, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
        } else {


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Dear Geetchandra,

Thanks a lot, It is working fine.

Thank you Geechandra!
Does anyone know how to do it on iOS?

Dear Geetchandra,

We want the same solution for IOS swift, Can you please share us snippet?

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it worked doing like this on iOS

MobileRTCMeetingSettings *meetingSettings = [[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingSettings];
meetingSettings.meetingInviteHidden = YES;
meetingSettings.meetingInviteUrlHidden = YES;
meetingSettings.meetingPasswordHidden = YES;
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Dear Fernando,

Thanks a lot, It’s working fine.

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