Zoom Meeting SDK : How to disable invite link

I like to disable the invite link highlighted in the below image

I have already tried this code snippet but it doesn’t work.

 MeetingService meetingService = mZoomSDK.getMeetingService();
        JoinMeetingOptions options = new JoinMeetingOptions();
        options.no_driving_mode = true;
        options.no_invite = true;

        options.meeting_views_options = MeetingViewsOptions.NO_TEXT_PASSWORD
                + MeetingViewsOptions.NO_TEXT_MEETING_ID
                + MeetingViewsOptions.NO_BUTTON_SHARE
                + MeetingViewsOptions.NO_BUTTON_MORE;
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Please let me know whether this is bug or not!

Hi, I also need to remove this. In previous versions of the SDK this did not appear by setting meeting_views_options.

Hi @fernando.moobi @geet , please use the showInviteFunction to disable invite link for web: SDK Reference - Web - Client View

For Android, reference the iMeetingInviteAction: SDK Reference - Android

Thank you

Thank you for the quick response.
Can you please elaborate a little bit about the Android SDK if so that will be much helpful.

The thread has solution refer How to disable invite link

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