How to - Image on Zoom SDK page showing computer and phone

Use case: Host on computer and user on iPhone Zoom response vs. Image on Zoom SDK page

Can you please review the image from the Zoom SDK page which sums up our use case and help us understand the discrepancy between the image and the following guidance from Zoom support? We are open to adjusting things on both the computer and the phone side as needed. We have tried using the Zoom app from the app store and it behaves the same as our app i.e. black bars above and below.

“The Camera images from copmuters and either using built in or external cameras, use a widescreen image, while mobile devices send camera images in the portrait view. So when viewing a pc/mac’s camera image there will be black bars above and below since the aspect ratio is different then when viewing from a phone in portrait view. The same is for the pc/mac users (they see the mobile devices camera in portrait view with black bars to the right and left of the image).”

Latest iOS SDK v4.4.57220.1211

Device any iPhone, computer, and browser: all


Hi James,

Thanks for the post. The image you are mentioning is just an indicator of what our Zoom client looks like, the original image is here:

Our SDKs are client SDK, and we offer an UI that looks and behaves exactly the same as the official Zoom client. If you would like to customize your meeting experience and make it different from our client, our SDK also provides Custom UI, which allows you to draw your own UI, and adjust the video to be whatever you prefer.

Hope this helps. Thanks!