Screen share image quality

I compared stream quality of zoom mobile application (from App Store) and of my app that integrate Zoom SDK. Zoom application has better quality if the video has a static picture. But when there is movement on the video, Zoom application freezes and twitches unlike video from my app. Is this normal behavior? Will there be an SDK update at which the picture quality will be the same as in your application but only without freezes.

Version SDK : v4.6.15084.0206

  • Device : iPad Air 2
  • OS. : IOS 13

Hi stas.hryhoriev,

Thanks for the post. Would you mind taking a short video showing the issue? It would be very helpful for us to further investigate.


First of all the video from your Zoom client application freezes:

Here is a video stream from my application:

Unfortunately the picture quality is low on both videos. Is this normal? Will there be improvements in future

Hi stas.hryhoriev,

Thank you very much for providing the videos. Really appreciate it. The zoom client does not seem to be freeze in the video, could you elaborate a little bit more on this?

Could you also provide some meeting numbers and meeting times that the meeting quality is bad? Is the web domain being set to

Once we are able to identify the issues, we will definitely work on improving this.



First of all, here is a video with zoom client application screen share freezes:

Secondly, here is the difference between the buffer that I push and which I see on the service.
My pixel buffer :

Zoom service pixel buffer:

The quality of the second photo is much lower.

Hi stas.hryhoriev,

Thank you very much for the video and the screenshot. I understand the issue now. I will forward this to the engineering team for further investigation. Just curious, how do you get the pixel buffer?

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

I’m sorry. I meant my pixel buffer in your Zoom service. Second picture is just screenshot of your Mac OS client application. But first pixel buffer is what i put to your SDK. It is created by my application.

Hi stas.hryhoriev,

Thanks for the reply. I have good news, regarding the client application screen share freezes issue, I have reported to the engineering team and the team was able to identify the issue and we are working to fix it. This issue will disappear very soon. Thank you very much for letting us know this issue.

Regarding the resolution issue, normally the resolution on desktop clients will be higher than the mobile clients as the desktop clients have larger screens and better hardware. Do you mean that the one screenshot that has higher resolution(the first picture) is from our SDK and the second one is from Mac official client?



First pixel buffer is created by my application. It has good quality (1920x1080). I put this pixel buffer into Zoom SDK. Then I opened Zoom Mac OS client application and saw my picture. It was not so clear. I did screenshot to show you quality difference (Second picture). The screenshot also has a resolution close to 1920x1080.


Hi stas.hryhoriev,

Thanks for the reply. After confirming with the team, the resolution does become a little bit lower while doing screen sharing since there are losses during the transition, and in order to ensure the seamless experience in the meeting, the resolution might be lower to save the bandwidth as well.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson,

Thanks for your assistance with our issue.

Are you saying that by using the SDK we cannot match the same quality of screen sharing that can be achieved using the native Zoom client?

Thanks! Benjamin

Hi bnowak,

Thanks for the reply. Our SDK should have the same quality of screen sharing as the Zoom client(On the same platform, such as the iOS SDK provides the same quality of the iOS Client). My previous reply was regarding both SDK and client(since SDK is a customizable version of the client). If you are seeing the different quality of screen sharing between SDK and client on the same platform, would appreciate if you could provide more info and elaborate so the engineering team could identify the root cause asap.



Thanks for your response. We are receiving different quality results sharing on the same platform. Below you will see links to a share from the Zoom iOS client and from our iOS app using the SDK. Both were shared in the same meeting session.

  1. Zoom client IOS :
  2. Application using zoom SDK :

Looking forward to your response. Thanks again for your assistance.

Regards, Benjamin

Hi Benjamin,

Thanks for the reply and the images. I will work with the engineering team on this and we will try to find out the root cause. Will get back to you shortly.