How to implement In-client OAuth

I have turned on the setting for In-client OAuth and now when I try to add and authorize this app, I get this error “We’re still figuring things on are end…”. I am attempting to do this is a non-production environment.

Are there any limitations for testing this? and is there any information about any specific steps that are needed to allow this to work as expected?

My expectation is that the authorize page with the accept/decline buttons would be displayed in a webview in the Zoom client.


Hey there, be sure you have added the home url in oauth allow list in addition to enabling in-client oauth in marketplace build flow. Also, make sure the redirectUri you are passing in to “onAuthorized()” matches the OAuth redirect uri you added in marketplace build flow.

I have added the home url to the oauth allow list and now I am able to see the in-client auth screen.

Is there any documentation yet that explains what is required for in-client auth?

The second issue I am having is that after authenticating, the app is designed immediately on startup to make a rest api call to users/me (Zoom Meeting API) but in this case after authenticating with in-client auth, I am getting a 401 response and the error {“code”:124,“message”:“Invalid access token.”}

If I refresh the app, I do have a valid access token and things work as expected.

I’d like to strongly second this request. It would be great to have a walk-through of the setup.

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After discussing this with the team, we are not recommending partners use OAuth at this moment - we are iterating to fix kinks in the process.

To comment on issues you may be facing though, if you are getting access tokens for the Zoom API during the web install flow, you will NOT have the access tokens in-client if you do the in-client install