In-client Consent Screen


I am doing authorization flow in my zoom app. So the problem is that when a user installs an app from an invitation or directly from the web, zoom asks users to authorize the app’s copes. That works fine but when we call the authorize API of zoom SDK again after that it is asking for the same.

Our use-case:

When a user is logged in to the app and had already authorized the app’s scopes, we want to add non-interactive Oauth flow which should not be visible to the user. But whenever we invoke the authorize API call of zoom SDK it redirects the user to the in-client consent screen.

Below I have attached the screen which I am getting after calling the ‘authorize’ API call.

@jayesh As long as there weren’t any changes to the app between the web authorization and the in-client authorization you should be able to use the non-interactive flow.

As a first step, please make sure there weren’t any scope changes to the app and you’re authorizing within the client as the same Zoom User that you authorized on web.

If neither of those seem to be a factor, please reach back out and I’ll attempt to reproduce this behavior on my end.