How to init the params for the sample sdk application

Hi! I’m trying to initialize the sample sdk android zoom application but don’t know how to generate the SDK_JWTTOKEN, USER_ID, ZOOM_ACCESS_TOKEN.

From what I read it is possible to generate these parameters from my account but I have not found where to do it.

Thank you,

Hi @orengr4, thanks for using the dev forum.

These are all going to come from different places. I’ll provide some information on where you can access these.

  • SDK JWT: See our documentation on composing the JWT
  • ZAK (Zoom access token): This can be retrieved through the REST API and is specific to the user you are retrieving it for. See our documentation on the user token endpoint here and feel free to reach out over on #zoom-api if you need any assistance using the API.
  • User ID: This is a unique identifier generated for a user when they join the meeting. Depending on what you are using this for, the method of retrieving may vary. Could you provide some context on when/where you are trying to utilize this field so that I may better advise you?