How to integrate zoom in Laravel web application?

We are developing a consultancy web application. Customers and consultants will register here. Customers will book a consultant at their scheduled time. At that time they will make a video call to discuss. There will be many customers and many consultants How can I integrate zoom for this purpose. Thank you.

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Hi @itsumrat,

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I use and recommend the following package from Macsi Digital. It is well maintained and works seamlessly with the Zoom API. This package will allow you to create/schedule meetings and interact with the entire Zoom API.

With regards to launching the meeting, are you just planning on doing it via the Zoom Client as normal, or are you looking to embed Zoom into your Laravel app?


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Hey @itsumrat,

You can also use our Sample Vue.js App as a reference.

As always, thanks for sharing your knowledge @alexmayo!


Yes, I want to integrate zoom into our Laravel app.

We don’t have a Laravel sample app, but as Max suggested, our other apps can serve as great references!


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