Want to integrate Laravel with Zoom API

Hello Everyone.

I’m building a LMS application with Laravel for a client and I want to integrate zoom meeting with it.

All I want to do is to integrate Laravel with Zoom API if that possible and I tried for days but with no results. If anyone could help me or show me a way to integrate Zoom API with PHP I will be thankful.

Thanks in advanced.

Same here.
I integrated Zoom API in LMS, just server to server, call API to Creating meeting for teacher. And Frontend for Student, you can use sample code Sdk for web to join meeting.
Hope this help.

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You can refer my thread

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Thanks for the reply… Can you show me how it done because I tried it in every way, I tried it with JWT and I tried with web SDK but with no result, May be I missing something or may be I did something wrong btw it’s the first time that I use Zoom API

1. Integrate with LMS

Create JWT application from https://marketplace.zoom.us/, and then you generate Token. API key, Secret, Token will be used when you call Zoom API (server- to -server) . Because I based on Microsoft’s stack so my code is C# but I can share to you if you need.

Teacher will create meeting in LMS.

2 . Integrate in Front end for Student

You use https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/sdk/native-sdks/web
There is a sample code html/react, you can investigate to know how to join meeting.
You can use it for student join meeting.

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I tried the second option and it not working properly. But I prefer the first option so you mean teacher or admin can create-update-delete meetings in my own app with just JWT ?!!

If you also have examples in the JWT app in your LMS I will be thankful

Hey @soheilsalah2, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

What specific issues are you running into? What are the errors?

Please provide more info so I can assist!

Also thanks for the help @vucuongkg! :slight_smile:


Yep, in LMS teacher or admin can CRUD meeting with JWT application.
For front end, I think you were wrong token and you need start meeting before allowing other people join meeting.
More detail: I just implement create meeting, and then we will have StartUrl, admin/teacher will start by click this Url and after that student can join the meeting.

I attached my code (server - to -server API)
Front end: just download sample from Zoom, and you change token, api, secret by your own.


Let us know if you need additional help @soheilsalah2 ! :slight_smile:


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