How to join a meeting on incoming invitation?

In desktop client a dialog raises together with a ring tone when the host did invite a user via contacts. Like a phone call, user can then accept/revoke the invitation.

Is there a way to implement this functionality in the sdk sample project?

Hi abid.hussain,

Thanks for the post. The feature you are mentioning is an IM feature, which is not included in the Client SDK. Our SDK offers the corresponding meeting invitation info and you will need to handle the actual invitation part.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

Hi Carson_Chen,

Does “Zoom IM feature” mean Chat Message in the Zoom API?
If so, can we provide a similar UX as on the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app follow the below steps?

  • Once the host invites someone, send meeting info to the invited user via Chat Message
  • Once the invited user receives the meeting information, ring the call

I guess that, even if we implement the above steps, the our app cannot get the invitation from the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app, is it correct?

Best Regards,

Hi @nona.mimura,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, you are correct. The chat messages you are showing is the exact “Zoom IM chat feature”, but the Zoom IM(The product) includes a lot of other features like direct meeting invitation, contacts, etc. All these features are not included in Zoom SDK since the SDK is mainly for the in-meeting experience.

The steps you are mentioning could work in the meaning of inviting other users who are using your app to join the meeting, but for the meeting invites that come from the Zoom client, the invite won’t trigger the SDK.

Hope this helps. Thanks!