SDK support for receiving calls/instant meetings

I am currently trying to develop an app for the elderly to be able to chat/video chat with their family’s using zoom.
The purpose of the app is to make the whole interaction easy for the elderly.
meaning that when the app is open, I want to be able to receive a call/instant meeting from the elderly individual’s family and display 3 buttons:

  1. Answer with audio (automatically without pressing join with audio)
  2. Answer with video (automatically without pressing join with audio/video)
  3. Decline

Then a video call/meeting shall open in full screen with just the video/names, and elderly cannot press anything or close, but 2 buttons:

  1. Enable/Disable video according to the current state
  2. End call/meeting

A nice to have addition will be to have a schedule with planned calls from family members for the day.

But the main issue is to hook onto the received call to Zoom, and present the 3 buttons in my app with the above functionality.

Problem is, I went through the documentation and found no documentation about receiving/accepting an instant meeting/scheduled meeting without having to receive the meeting info before, or anything about receiving/making calls at all through the SDK/API

If you could please point me in the right direction that would be great.

I am using the latest SDK.

Hi dani.ginsberg,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Are you looking for the part when you are using the Zoom client and someone invites you to a meeting, a pop-up show up to accept or decline the invitation? If so, that is a Zoom IM feature, which is not included in the Client SDK. The client SDK mainly focuses on the meeting core features, and different apps have different ways of inviting others to a meeting, thus I am afraid this part needs to be handled by the developer.

Hope this helps. Thanks!

thanks for replying.
I’m looking for a way that i can receive a call/meeting through my app, with audio or with video, with one button.

though in documentation, I only found things about initiating meetings, not accepting them. and nothing about the direct calls.

am I missing something?

Hi dani.ginsberg,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, our Client SDK only includes the in-meeting features(login, start meeting, join meeting, schedule meeting, etc.). The part of how to invite other users to join the meeting and how to accept the invitation needs to be handled by the app developer.

Hope this helps. Thanks!